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Menswear ADANNU 6pcs


Detail produk dari CMENIN ADANNU 6 Pcs Modal Padat Pakaian Bernapas Pria Cawat Olahraga 2020 Celana Baru Mens Celana Baru AD307, Material: 95% Cotton+5%Elastane,maintains shape through repeated washings, Extreme comfort: high quality fabric, very soft and elastic, comfortable to wear, ice feeling touch, Unique Design: Unique ergonomic design to create the most comfortable space. ice feeling front pouch is designed to keep your day cool and dry. Elastic Waistband: Elastic wide waistband are soft and comfortable ,durable whithout scratching orpulling. Daily Fashion Wear: Work out underwear,fit for any man for daily wearing ,specially for playing sports or performing other strenuous activities like running, workout,doing aerobic execises, cycling, etc.

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