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Modern Cotton Bikini Panty


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Soft Stylish and made to last!

  • I have been buying Calvin Klein panties for my daughter since she was 3. Yes they are spendier than some other brands but their quality far surpasses other that I have purchased. She has eczema, so I tend to purchase higher quality materials since her skin can be easily irritated by certain materials. 
  • She is now 4 and the Small 6/6X fit her perfect. The underwear are rated for a weight of 43-54 pounds my daughter is off the charts for height, about 39-40 pounds and they fit her fine which goes in line with the charts on the seller's listing. My daughter is about the height of a 5 or 6 year old and has a very slim build. 
  • I like their quality so much that I bought my two year old son the Calvin Klein briefs.Pros:-Soft & Stylish don't look babyish so she can wear these as she gets older-Simple & offer lots of different colors and styles, personally I like the basics.-Incredibly durable and wash well, they don't look ragged after a few washes-They are 57% Modal, 38% Cotton and 5% spandex so this prevents them from shrinking like other cotton panties.Cons:Underwear band: Most I have purchased previously lineup, the pairs I purchased off of Amazon did not, part of the "Calvin Klein" name was cut off but it is not a deal breaker and it is on the back of the underwear, just worth mentioning. 
  • It makes sense since the waist band sizes vary and it would be nearly impossible to line them up perfectly every time.Black Pair: Has Calvin Klein in bold shimmery gold font on the back of the underwear, I didn't notice this prior to buying them but it is definitely listed, I just missed it. I prefer the plain back but it is not a deal breaker, I just don't like extra branding on my clothing.Shrink: Several people have complained about how badly these panties shrink, they are a blend not straight cotton so I didn't experience that issue. If they shrank at all it was nothing noticeable or that ruined the quality and fit factor. 
  • I did notice that previous Calvin Klein underwear that I had purchased were 95% cotton and 5% spandex and those did shrink.Sizing: Wish they made sizes smaller that the XS or the S. Having an XXS for smaller/toddler sizes would be amazing!Size:S | 6/6XMaterials: 57% Modal, 38% cotton, 5% spandexSuggested Weight: 43-54 lbsWashing Instructions: Wash Cold Gentle Cycle with like colors. Tumble dry low.*personally I wash most of our clothing in cold water, tumble dry regular heat and they wash fine.Made: Bangladesh

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