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Great Period Panties but size up!

  • I loved the Absorbent High Waist style so much that I also decided to order Bambody's Absorbent Hipster style as well! Very happy with both styles! They are very well made panties, soft, breathable and comfortable to wear. Yes they are a bit thicker than normal underwear but they are not too hot nor noisy. 
  • They do have some seams so you will have visible lines with leggings.I love these period panties and use them as back up for my menstrual cup. Personally since my flow is heavy I don't know if I'd trust them alone on a heavy day. They work wonders and absorb as advertised if I leak! I bought extras to wear on those "Is my period going to start today?" days. Ladies you know what I mean! No more going through liners for no reason! These give me peace of mind!Photos added to compare the 2 styles that I bought. The black pair is the Absorbent high waist while the teal pair is the Absorbent Hipster. 
  • First photo is them side by side and second is a photo showing how much coverage each have while wearing them (high waist is underneath hipster). As you can see, on me at least, the 'High Waist' isn't that much higher than the hipster. Both are VERY comfortable but again, size up! I'm 5'9" 165 pounds and my measurement around the widest part of my hips is 41inches so I went with XL and both styles fit great!
5.0 out of 5 stars Buy these now and have the best period of your life

  • First of all I’m going to try and be specific as possible so turn back now if you don’t want TMI. TL;DR buy these now and have the best period of your life.I have tried pretty much every period product out there from all types/makes/formulation of tampons, pads, cups, and finally got around to trying “period panties”. 
  • I’ve had a period for more moons than I care to think about and I’ve spent a lot of time trying to manage it and the symptoms/issues/challenges that come along with it. For the last two decades or so I’ve had a very heavy flow with cramps of varying intensity, sometimes lasting up to 7 days. 
  • Heavy to the point where tampons were soaked within minutes at times and the “backup” heavy duty top-shelf pad was soaked not too long after that. Medically, nothing was “wrong” with me. Just born lucky I guess. After years of research, I started branching off from pads/tampons to cups of various sorts with a pad for backup. 
  • I liked the fact that I wasn’t filling the landfills with countless tampon wrappers/applicators, but despite reports of being champions at managing heavy flows, I was still getting cup leakage after less than 30 minutes in some cases. Also, my cramps got worse. Also also, cups smell. I do not smell. No medical issues. 
  • But cups stink. Despite proper cup hygiene maintenance. Despite me having a tearful appointment with my gynecologist because I was sure I had some kind of vaginal disease (I didn’t). So I for a time I used tampons, cups, and pads as needs/comfort demanded. Fast forward to me first learning about period panties. I was intrigued, but the brands were so expensive. I realized the cost effectiveness over time, but the initial investment was more than my penny-pincher heart could endure. Enter Bambody. I needed new underwear anyway, so I figured even if they don’t work out, I’d at least have some nice black “period drawers”. Confession: I am in love with these underwear. Feel soft on my skin, no pinching or riding up, don’t make me feel sweaty or hot even in the summer heat and best of all THEY WORK! That’s right. No leaks, no odor, wash great, so cost effective. 
  • I haven’t had to buy any disposable products since I purchased these gems. Also, could be coincidence, but I have had a significant reduction in flow and cramps. But fear not. Even on the first few days of switching to Bambody it handled my super flow with no problem. I think they have figured out a way to open an inter-dimensional portal in the crotch of these because I honestly don’t know where it all went. 
  • I have never had to change underwear during the day. They truly last me a full 24 hours. I thought I wasn’t going to like them because I HATE the feel of a pad. Any pad. Even the fancy foam kind. These underwear are nothing like that. I never feel soggy and there’s no noise, no heat retention, and no worry about something shifting out of place. I could go on but I have other things to do today.TL;DR is buy these now and have the best period of your life.

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