BATURADEN TOUR : The legend of Batu Raden tells of a servant or servant who loves the daughter of his own employer, the daughter of a duke from the Duchy of Kutaliman which is west of Batu Raden.
JENGGALA WATERFALL : This tourist attraction was originally called Curug Tempuan, because this waterfall is a confluence of several rivers that merge into one. So that local residents hold a meeting with village officials. This meeting discussed the change in the name of the waterfall. So the waterfall changed its name to Curug Jenggala.
THE LEGEND OF THE TAPOMAS RESERVOIR : In the 1980s, the pride of the residents was destroyed to stem the Serayu river during the New Order government, which at that time developed a dam project for a hydroelectric power plant (PLTA) by damming the Serayu river in Wanadadi District.
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